Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today at the Playground

Dear Creepy Guy at the Playground,

Yes, I know I gave you the hairy eyeball a few times as you sat on the bench at the playground this afternoon.  You see, it's a bit unusual for an older man to walk alone into a fenced-in playground and sit on the park bench watching the children while holding a bicycle pump.  Plus your chosen attire of a loose fitting hawaiian shirt over a tee shirt screamed "cover garment" to me, and I was looking for the print of a weapon on you.  Not that I have a problem with a parent carrying concealed when they take their kid to the playground. But since I was able to match every child on that playground with an adult that wasn't you, and you didn't interact with any of the other adults but were very interested in seeing what the kids were up to, you made my Spidey sense tingle enough to wonder if you had a gun under that shirt along with the openly carried bicycle pump.

I'd say that I was just being paranoid, but you see, all of the other parents seemed to be making sure their kids stayed away, and I heard several mention you to their co-parents.  It's kind of a herd mentality.  You see, a childless adult, especially a lone male, who is showing a strange amount of attention to our children makes the herd nervous.

I'm glad that nothing happened, and all you did was creep me out a bit as I made sure I kept myself between you and BooBoo.  I hope you enjoyed your walk as you picked up your bicycle pump after a few minutes and headed back the way you came.

Have a nice one,

Daddy J. Bear


Keads said...

Yeah that sounds a bit off-key.

Old NFO said...

Meh- Something not right there, good catch DB!

Julie said...

odd very odd

RauĆ°bjorn said...

Good instincts.

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