Monday, May 9, 2011

Fetchez La Vache

Well, the first political ad of the season just showed on the morning news.  Apparently we're off to an early start.  Whoopee.

In 2008, we were handed a crap sandwich and told it was marzipan and happiness.  Nothing changed for the better.  In 2010, we threw it back in the politicians' faces and screamed "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!".  Again, nothing really changed.  We're still on the same trajectory toward insolvency and irrelevancy that we were on in 2006.  If anything, we're accelerating down that particular track.

We need to change tactics.  As big a pain in the tuckus as we were to Democrats and establishment Republicans in 2010, we need to be even more painful to them.  We need to expose and shame 'conservatives' who vote against our interests so that they can gain favor with the President and his cabal of too-cool-for-school 'progressives'.  We need to make the slumbering masses wake up and smell the house burning.

If necessary, we need to be ridiculous.  Snark must run in the streets.  Ridicule of politicians from all parties should be the order of the day.  I'm not talking about principled disagreements with their stands on issues.  I'm talking about lampooning them in the same manner Hollywood has been doing since Dan Akroyd tried to imitate Nixon on Saturday Night Live.  And then we need to vote every single national and state politician who was elected prior to 2010 out of office.

I've got my wookie suit and chicken suit in the closet.  Something tells me both will be getting a workout between now and November 2012.

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Maura said...

Not speaking to the politics, but the title of your post made me snort in a most unladylike fashion. :-D

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