Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lot of stuff going on here

An ice cream truck driver in Pennsylvania was arrested recently.  Police have reported the following circumstances of the crime:

  • The driver was drunk while driving an ice cream truck
  • He had several boxes of wine in the truck
  • He had three bottles of urine in the truck
  • One of them was in a freezer.
Where do we start?  OK, first he's driving drunk in an ice cream truck.  And he's apparently keeping his buzz going while on the job.  Plus he's not taking time to hit the men's room, he's doing it into bottles.  And then he's freezing some, but not all of the bottles.


I have to admit, ice cream trucks are kind of fun if you've got kids.  And I always suspected the drivers were either creepy or chemically enhanced.  But to take your wine with you so you could stay juiced up while selling your frozen wares?  And what frozen treat was this guy making?  Frozen pre-processed wine-cicles?  I'm sure there won't be much more reporting on this, but I'd be interested in learning the backstory here.

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