Monday, May 16, 2011

This could have ended badly

A burglar used a brick to break a window and crawled into a home in North Carolina.  While walking around the home, with the residents still asleep, he tripped over something and his gun went off.  Said burglar then thought better of sticking around and headed for the hills.  The residents, upon waking from the sound of the shot, called police who were unable to find the intruder.

So we have an armed criminal, breaking into a home with a gun in his hand, and only left when his gun went off.  If he was just there to grab the stereo and run, why have the gun in his hand?  My guess is he was up to something more than collecting Grandma's silver tea set. 

If this had gone further, my fear is that either we'd be adding to JayG's Dead Goblin Count, or even worse, the residents, who slumbered deeply enough to not hear a window breaking, would have been attacked in their home, with whatever worst case scenario that could bring.  If the burglar hadn't broken rule 3 (Thou shalt keep thy booger hook off of thine bang switch), someone would have become a statistic that night.

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