Sunday, May 15, 2011

Product review - V-Line Top Draw Handgun Case

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a way to secure my handguns when I wasn't carrying them, and locking the bedroom door just wasn't cutting the mustard. I wanted my carry and home protection guns in the bedroom where I could get to them quickly, but I wanted them secured against small hands and curious minds.

I'd looked at several handgun safes, and after discussing it with my concealed carry instructor, who also had several children at home, I checked out the V-Line Top Draw.  This 12 by 9 by 2.5 inch steel box includes a top lid that's as tall as the box itself, making prying it open difficult, a programmable five button mechanical lock, and pre-drilled holes for securing it to a stud, closet shelf, or drawer.

I chose the mechanical lock over an electronic lock because I sincerely believe in Murphy's Law:  When there's a need for me to get to the gun quickly, the battery will be dead, and I won't have the backup key  handy.  The tactile feedback of the raised buttons allows me to open the case in the dark quickly without a flashlight or turning on the room lights.

The case is large enough to hold the following:

  • Government Model 1911
  • CZ-82
  • Taurus Model 85 .38 snub-nosed revolver
  • One extra magazine or quick-strip of ammunition for these guns, in addition to the load they have in them at all times.
I'd say that's quite enough for me to have a choice in what gun to carry, and a gun for me, Irish Woman, and a spare in the case of an emergency.

  • The case is kid-proof, period
  • The lock is easy to program with a custom combination
  • Opening is easy to do, even in the dark, in a hurry, and when stressed
  • If not bolted to the house, it's extremely portable in emergencies such as tornado, fire, or bug out.
  • Cost - You get what you pay for here, and you pay for what you get.  My retail cost was about $150.  But I call it money well spent.
  • Being portable is a double edged sword.  Even if it's bolted to a stud, a determined thief with time and tools could cut it out of the wall and take it with him.  
Overall, I'm very satisfied with this case.  It allows me to securely store my home protection and carry handguns where I can get to them in a hurry without having to worry about BooBoo getting curious about them. The lock is simple enough that Irish Woman and I were able to choose and set a combination and become proficient in opening the case in a matter of minutes.  Since all of the guns are in one place, I can easily grab it when we're heading for our tornado shelter in the basement without having to make multiple stops.  I would definitely recommend this handgun case to anyone who needs a sturdy solution to securing their weapons from little hands.

Please be advised that I received nothing from V-Line or anyone else for this review.  

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