Monday, May 2, 2011

A Father's Prayer

Lord of heaven and earth,
Thank you for giving me such a daughter
She brings me nothing but joy

She is strong and smart
She is kind and thoughtful
She is happy and full of life

Her smile fills the world with light
Her laughter is hearty and beautiful
Her mind is open to learning the wonders of Your world

But Lord, why did you make her so beautiful so early?
I am a young man yet, and am not ready for my baby girl to grow up
Grant me more time with my child before she becomes a young woman

Her bubble dresses have been traded for skirts and blouses
She has discovered my nightmare, boys
Squeals of laughter at cartoons have become giggles with girlfriends

Lord, for all the sins I committed as a young man
I am truly sorry and I humbly repent
Please do not punish me by giving me a beautiful girl in a world full of men such as I was

I know that I must let go, ever so carefully
She cannot always be my little girl
But keep her safe and make me strong as she grows up

1 comment:

MrG's said...

Daddy bear,

Do what generations of Fathers have done in the past, whenever the boyfriend comes over, have one of your guns disassembled and you are cleaning it. Also drop a few references about the effects of projectiles on ballistic geletin. That should cool any adolescent ardor;)

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