Friday, June 3, 2011

News Roundup

From the Inspector Clouseau Department - Police say that a woman whose body was found stuffed into the box spring of a bed in a Salt Lake City hotel may have died under suspicious circumstances.  Are we actually paying for this hard charging bit of detective work?

From the Meet the New Boss Department - The executive officer of the aircraft carrier Eisenhower has been relieved of his position and re-assigned pending an investigation.  This is the third executive officer the Eisenhower has lost in the last year.  What is going on in the U.S. Navy?   It seems we can't go a month without a captain or his exec being canned.

From the Kobayashi Maru Department - A standardized math test in Great Britain included a problem that cannot be solved.  Maybe they were using this as a crowd-sourced try to see if it was truly unsolvable.  A million British teenagers banging away at a million math tests for two hours might just get us closer to an answer than we have ever been.

From the Nice Marmot Department - The Cincinnati Children's Hospital has announced that they will no longer be using live ferrets to practice intubating premature infants.  Instead they will be using a plastic model.  My guess is that the courses on reattaching fingers and treatment of injuries to the hands from weasels can't be far behind.

And finally:

From the Mother of the Year Department - A woman has been arrested in Louisiana after she was found passed out in the ladies room of a gas station with drug paraphernalia.  The kicker is that she left her 20 month old son in the car with the body of another woman.  I'm not going to comment on this one.  For once, I'm speechless.

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