Monday, August 31, 2009

As if coke wasn't bad enough

Now they're mixing it with veterinarian anti-worm drugs to up the high. Apparently the stuff causes the immune system to suppress, making it easier to get infections and die. Not that cocaine wasn't dangerous to use in the first place. Now they're cutting it with something that just makes it even more deadly.

I'm not going to get into whether or not it's any of the government's business what an adult puts into their body, but stuff like this makes me lean towards legalization.

At least then it would be somewhat regulated and crap like that wouldn't be in it.

One of the reasons that prohibition was repealed was to stop the flow of bad booze that was blinding and killing people.

If illicit drugs were legalized, at least they would have to go through the same purity laws and checks that currently legal drugs do.

Problems with Star Trek Engineering

John Scalzi over at AMC television has a good write-up of the more glaring technology and design problems in Star Trek.

Overall, it's a fun read.

My favorite part of course was the comments:

Why do Star Trek captains have to say the log date themselves, instead of the computer auto-inserting it like any blog? Why does Picard have to keep saying "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" ? Because they run Enterprise software.

Monday Night Football report

OK, Favre looks pretty good so far. But he's still playing the same way he did at Green Bay. Every now and then, just chunk it out 30 or 40 yards. Most times it's incomplete. Sometimes a great catch is made. Sometimes you get picked off.

I'll be impressed if he still plays well and looks good in late November. Right now he's fresh and has adrenaline on his side. In a couple of months he'll be beaten up and tired. Will he still have the ability and discipline to just chunk it out 30 yards?

I Work On A Starship

Well, I don't.

But Roberta X. does, and she's moved her log of her adventures to a new blog!

I've really enjoyed her stories of the Hidden Frontier, and look forward to a lot more entries.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coming in from the cold

Doc Russia over at Bloodletting is returning to civilization.

He's been doing his residency in Detroit, and has suffered greatly for his time there.

Don't get me wrong. I've been to rural Michigan, and it's beautiful. The people outside of the cities in Michigan are 100% the people I want to hang out with. But you get within the city limits of anything over 20,000 people, and you're in a 3rd world hole.

He just reported that he's made it back to Dallas.

Welcome back to the real world, Doc. I miss Texas too.

Today In History

On this date in 1939, Hitler had an attack on a German radio station on the Polish border faked, and started the shooting part of World War II in Europe. He'd been winning the war without shooting for a couple of years, but those tactics had stopped working when Chamberlain started to grow a spine. So he decided to find out if all those shiny new guns, planes, and tanks were worth all of the slave labor.

By time all was said and done, between 50 and 100 million people, both civilian and military, around the world would be dead. The world found out what happens when you mate unspeakable evil with science and technology.

World War II is the subject of an almost endless series of movies, documentaries, books, and television shows. Even as the World War II generation slowly dwindles away, we are fascinated by it. Maybe because it was the most critical time in the last century. The politics, technology, morals, and almost everything else that we deal with today has roots in the Second World War.

For those of you who listen to podcasts, Dan Carlin is doing a series called "Ghosts of the Ostfront", which details the fighting on the Russian Front. I recommend it.

Pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth

For the most part, I've not monitored the situation of Senator Edward Kennedy's public mourning. Basically, it's none of my business. His family needs to mourn. Whether or not the body politic gets to mourn is irrelevant.

But I watched the funeral Mass for him this weekend. A couple of thoughts:

How many people of the neighborhood around the church will have Yo Yo Ma play at their funeral? They made a big deal out of how Senator Kennedy had chosen that church and it was in the middle of a depressed neighborhood. Let's see some of those people come back next week and really honor a spirit of charity by worshiping with the poor.

Did you notice that Secretary Clinton was seated next to President Bush? While the church was packed, those two managed to get about 3 feet between them. And while they didn't show it, I'm pretty sure Hillary didn't give George a hug during the sign of the peace. And did you notice that the Clintons sat to the left of the Bushes? Coincidence? I think not.

I'm actually impressed by Hillary. It must have taken a supreme force of will not to scream out loud when her soul started burning as she crossed the chapel's threshold. And to continue to endure it during the service took a superhuman effort.

I know Kennedy wrote his own intercessions for the Mass, but did politics really have to be brought into it? It was a funeral, not a stump speech.

And of course, afterward the talking heads got started. Apparently some Democrats want to name the Senate health care bill after Kennedy. Nothing like propping the corpse up in the corner and using it to get what you want. Of course, Johnson used JFK's death to get a lot of unpopular bills through Congress. Using the dead to get what you want is a well-used Democratic tradition.

So anyway, I hope he rests in peace. Like all of us he has a lot to answer to when he meets the Almighty. I just hope he has the smarts to own up to it in the afterlife, because he certainly didn't do it in this one.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner Tonight

Well, Irish Woman had a meeting tonight, so it was me and the kids.

I had pulled some chicken out of the fridge, but it was the wrong kind for what I had in mind. Instead of boneless, skinless breasts to make stir-fry, I had a bag of legs.

So, I dropped back and punted:

Cut up a large onion and one fresh Cirrano pepper, deseeded.

Saute in olive oil in a large wok with garlic and black pepper.

While that's cooking, soak the chicken legs in soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.

Once the onions are clear, put the chicken legs in the wok. Cook until they are brown on all sides.

Add 1 cup of low-sodium beef broth, cover, and bring to a boil.

Once it boils, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring twice.

After 10 minutes, place two bunches of broccoli florets, separated into eatable sections, on top of the chicken and recover. Simmer for an additional 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, the broccoli will be bright green and tender. Shut off the heat and stir to coat the broccoli with the broth. Let sit for an additional 5 minutes.

Serve over pasta.


It was quite good for something I just whipped up, if I must say so myself. The Cerrano pepper added a bit of flavor, but not too much heat. If you want to crank up the spice, use two jalapenos, I think.

The sauce, even with the pasta soaking up some of the broth, was kind of thin. Tasty, but thin. If I wanted to thicken it, I'd add some sour cream to make it richer and thicken it.

I'll have to remember this and play with it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stupid Criminal Tricks

A guy in South Carolina put on a disguise before he robbed a cell phone store. Probably a good idea of you're going to commit a crime in this age of ubiquitous security cameras.

But he decided to use spray paint to hide his face. Apparently the fumes from the paint were too much for him, and it killed him before he could make his getaway.

How'd you like to see that guy walking up to the Pearly Gates?

And to spread the love to our cousins in England, a young man was arrested after applying at a store he robbed a few days earlier.

OK, if you're going to shoplift, and you can be sure that they know your face, don't go back a couple of days later for a face to face meeting with the store manager. And if you have to, please apply a thick layer of spray paint to your face before going in. It'll save time later.

Shut up, Coach

Irish Woman and I were watching the local news tonight, and of course they covered the press conference that University of Louisville's mens basketball coach held. Coach Pitino did his last conference about his infidelity scandal right. Make a quick, dignified statement, blame no-one but himself, and then get off the podium.

Tonight, he apparently decided to vent his spleen a little. While I understand his anger and frustration after the accusations made against him, going to the press is the last thing his family needs right now, and it's the worst thing he can do for his reputation.

Coach Pitino should lay low, talk to the press through his lawyer, and not dignify the psycho hose beast that he schtupped in a restaurant any more press than she's already getting.

Go back to what you do well, Mr. Pitino. Don't feed the publicity monster and it will die soon enough.

Equipping Girlie Bear

Well, the last major portion of Girlie Bear's hunting clothes arrived today.

Since she's never been hunting before, I didn't want to drop $200+ on camouflage for her. At the same time, I didn't want her to go out to the woods in jeans and a sweater. I wanted her to feel that she had something just for her.

So the Irish Woman and I went out to the Dead Zoo last weekend to look around. They're having a big sale, but sale is a relative term at Bass Pro. Most everything was still too rich for my blood. We did find a mesh leaf suit that was reasonably priced, which would have worked for the fall and then would have made an outer layer on top of warm clothing. It was $50, so I set that as my upper limit for clothes.

I spent a day or two going over the surplus sites on the Internet, and I was able to outfit her for less than just the cost of that leaf suit.

I got her a set of surplus Italian camouflage coveralls from Sportsmans Guide - $20.

I got her a surplus Swiss camouflage poncho for the inevitable rain - $5.

I got her a set of surplus West German lined mittens - $4.

I got her a surplus East German knapsack - $3.

I got the last 3 items from Centerfire Systems.

So, my little girl will be heading out to the woods with Italian coveralls, a Swiss poncho, and German mittens and backback. Heck, she's NATO in the Bluegrass.

She already owns a good set of hiking boots. All I need to get her is an orange hat and vest, some long underwear, a neck gator, and a couple pairs of warm socks.

I'm quite proud of myself, and Girlie Bear is tickled to have stuff like this all her own. What the heck, I got a kick out of wearing old military stuff when I was her age. And if she decides she doesn't enjoy hunting all that much, I'm not out that much money. I'll just put it up for Baby Bear.

My people, we have strong genes

The other night, Girlie Bear wanted to see some pictures of herself when she was a baby. So I pulled out the album and started leafing through it to get to the period of her infancy.

As I was going along, she pointed at a picture and said "Who's that with Baby Bear?"

It was a picture of my mother and me when I was about 18 months old at the state fair. And sure enough, if you bleach Baby Bear's hair a few shades lighter, it's the same kid.

I explained what the picture was, and she was tickled that Baby Bear resembled me so much, at least this month.

Then as we went along, she pointed at another picture and asked why Junior Bear was wearing my uniform.

It was my basic training portrait. She was right. Shave Junior's head and put him in a uniform, and he'd almost match that guy.

Then we got to pics of her on her first birthday. Even though she's a girl, and her hair was a bit darker, she had the same smile and poses as Baby Bear did on his first birthday.

My genes run strong. Strong like bull.

Live in fear for the future.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inappropriate Childrens Music

I've been raising children for 17 years now. Longer if you count my younger brothers and sisters.

I've gotten in trouble for the music I played around kids a lot.

My mom used to have a conniption when I would listen to borrowed AC/DC albums when I was in grade school and let my siblings listen too.

When Junior Bear was born, his mom used to get on me for listening to Prince around him, even though she's from Minneapolis and loves his music:

Apparently she didn't want him standing up in the middle of church and going through the chorus of that little ditty.

Then when Little Bear and Girlie Bear came along, I would have to take long drives to see them on weekends, so we listened to my stereo a lot. I was going through a funk phase, so they learned the words to this:

I got in trouble for Girlie Bear singing "We want the funk" in preschool, but messing up the lyrics just a tad due to a hearing problem.

After I moved to Louisville, I would listen to Bob and Tom while I drove them across town to day care and school. I would wait until I thought they had nodded off, and listen.

That is, until I got a call from their mom asking why my daughter and son were singing this song:

I cut out the Bob and Tom, at least when the kids were in the car. I thought that was all over, when I got a call from the principal about Girlie Bear singing this little ditty because it was stuck in her head:

So, I've been in trouble off and on for years over the music that my children have heard when in my presence.

Irish Woman has sworn that such a thing will not happen with Baby Bear.

I take that as a challenge.

I'm thinking of slipping this one into the music mix I have for him in the car:

Think she'll think its' funny?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here's a hint: If you're going to get drunk and high and then try to steal cars, don't do it in a speedo. The cops just might come after you with a dog and you never know where they will bite.

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — A robbery suspect wearing only a Speedo-style swimsuit was arrested in East Hartford after a police dog tracked him down and bit him on the leg.

Lucky for him, he got bitten in the leg. It could have been a lot worse.


Well, I saw this over at Random Nuclear Strikes, and I decided to give it a whirl.

I guess I fall towards the right, with a libertarian leaning:

My Political Views
I am a right moderate social libertarian
Right: 3.35, Libertarian: 1.84

Political Spectrum Quiz

And my foreign policy is a bit right of center, but not too bad:

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: 1.98

Political Spectrum Quiz

And culturally, I'm just about smack dab in the middle:

My Culture War Stance
Score: 0.49

Political Spectrum Quiz

Check it out and let me know how you did!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meeting Minutes

Blah blah blah 24 hour support blah blah blah

Yada yada vendor outsourcing yada yada

harumph harumph don't know what's going on harumph

blah blah more meetings blah blah

harumph harumph more tracking paperwork harumph

yada yada good meeting yada


Is it a bad thing to throw your boss under the bus on a meeting if he's sitting next to you?

Good thing he knew I was kidding. At least I think he did.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Day

My day started out kind of boring. Usual Monday morning paperwork, that kind of thing.

Mid-morning, I tried to update the system firmware on one of my boxen.

At the very end of the update, the system locked up and wouldn't respond. The technician in the computer room tried a few things, but had no luck.

I grabbed a co-worker (4 eyes are better than 2) and we gave it our best to fix it.

Eventually, after exhausting every option we had, we started swapping out parts. Power supply? Nope. Memory and CPU board? Nope. Array Controller? Nope.

Finally, we got down to the system board. That brought it back.

Either my firmware update to the system console killed the system board, or the system board coincidentally fried when I was working on the system.

It must be my Midas Touch.

I had a ball doing all of this. It's been a long time since I got myself elbows deep in a server, and I really enjoy that aspect of IT.

System Administration is a fun way to make a living, but eventually you age yourself out of actually touching the servers. That kind of thing gets left behind so that the technicians can learn their craft. And you start doing things like clustering, high-level system design, and all that.

But it sure is fun to turn screws.

JCPS Loses Kindergarteners

OK, that title is a bit inflammatory. But I can't think of any other way to do this.

Basically, a kindergartner, who is probably 5 or 6, was expected to know to get off of one bus on the way home and transfer to another. Apparently there weren't any adults at the transfer station responsible for making sure she got off her first bus and made it to her second.

The driver of the first bus drove the child to the end of her route and put her off the bus. Miles from home. In the company of strangers.


Luckily, she was eventually noticed by another parent and the child knew her mother's phone number. Nothing tragic happened, unless you count a very traumatized mother and daughter.

The story is here.

I hope that the bus driver is terminated and charged with wanton endangerment. I can almost understand not knowing which child gets off where on the first day, but to just leave her at the end of your route is reprehensible.

This, of course, begs the question of why the little girl had to ride that second bus at all. Social experimentation in getting a "correct" mix of students is why. A decades old policy of busing kids across town is to blame.

We've been lucky that our kids all go to a school that's close to our home. But that was probably pure luck. If JCPS decides that my son would better serve the demographics they want by going to school 30 miles away, then he'd be going to school across the county. Ditto for the other kids.

If students must be sent across town to create a false utopia of economic and racial mixing, then let it be children who are a little older and more responsible. That little girl had no idea how to change buses. There should have been an adult at the front of that bus with a list of kids to escort off that bus and put directly onto another bus. Instead the school board expects a child small enough that she still gets a nap in school to know where to get off her bus and which of the myriad of other identical buses to get on.

And she wasn't the only one that had such problems that morning. I heard over the weekend of another child in the East End who was not where she was supposed to be while under the control of JCPS.

If JCPS decides that Baby Bear needs to go across town for his education, I will sell blood to afford parochial school. No child should have to endure hours of travel to school every day. And no responsible educator would put children in a situation where they may very well get lost by the adults who are supposed to ensure their safety.

Exciting headline

"Extinct boobies return from the dead"

Certainly got my attention. Unfortunately, the New Scientist was messing with my head. I had visions of zombie breasts walking the countryside.

Turns out it's a species of bird that was thought extinct.

This wasn't the boobie I was expecting to see.

Oh well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now I'm Mad

Just heard that Michael Vick has been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.

As I've said before, he doesn't deserve another chance in football.

What this means to me is that there will be no Philadelphia Eagles football in my home while Vick is on the roster.

At least he didn't go to the Raiders. I would have bet they would have picked him up.


I took yesterday off to get the kids ready for school, and I'm kinda glad I did. There have been rumors of layoffs for a few months, but the fat hit the fryer yesterday here in Louisville.

Apparently the layoff meetings happened at another building, and the tension was very high on my floor. Only one or two people on my floor got let go, and none of them were on my team.

Management says those that have been laid off are getting good severances. I hope so. Losing a job is something that few prepare for ahead of time. A little extra money can make the difference between losing your house while you're looking for work and moving into an apartment.

Word from higher is that this is the only wave. I hope so. I'm OK for now, but this hits close enough to home to get the hair on the back of my neck up.

First Day of School

Well, the kids started school this morning. Junior Bear is a senior, and Girlie Bear started middle school. They were out the door in plenty of time, but the bus drove past us without stopping. One of the other parents had the number to the bus depot, and the driver turned around and got them. 45 minutes later, but she turned around. She swears she drove by and there was no-one there. Oh well, better luck tomorrow.

Girlie Bear did OK on her first day. She's figured out how to open a combination lock, and likes her classes.

Junior Bear's schedule is messed up pretty bad. They've got his first period with him taking physics the first semester, and the second half of calculus in the second. I'll have to talk to his counselor about that.

He's taking an experimental distance learning class this year. The course is being taught at another high school in Louisville, and he's taking it as an on-line course. He still has an hour a day in class with a teacher, but she appears to be there to make sure the kids are actually working. I hope that works out. It would make it easier for students to take courses that are not offered at their school without having to travel across town.

Here's to a good school year!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It has begun

Irish Woman just came in, gave me a kiss, and said she'd miss me. I guess I'll see her in February.

She knows that I will only talk to her during commercials until after the Pro Bowl. Other than that, I will be a hole in the couch while I absorb the sweet nirvana that is football.

I'll start picking games when the regular season starts. I enjoy watching the pre-season, but in the words of Chick McGee "The games don't count, but the injuries do".

Moscow Fruit Market

I found the above picture at Picture is Unrelated, a great place to find photos of things that just don't look right.

Believe it or not, I saw things a lot like this many times in Russia. I only saw two dedicated gas stations in the entire country. Everywhere else that we bought diesel was a tanker truck sitting on the side of the road. Outside of large cities, you either bought fresh food from amateur vendors like our friend above, or you bought food from someone cooking it next to their truck on the side of the road. You didn't ask what meat was in the shashlik, you just ate it.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

On this day in 1974, President Nixon resigned.

It took members of his party telling him that he would not be protected from impeachment and conviction to get him to do the right thing.

If he'd been a man and run a clean re-election campaign, he still would have won.

If he'd been a man and refused to cover up for his goons when they broke the law, he would have been a successful two-term president.

Instead, he ran a dirty campaign, then tried to block the course of justice when the morons he had running the campaign for him got caught. When Congress tried to investigate, he stone-walled, and put the entire country on hold for a couple of years while he fought like a cornered rat.

Yes, as president he did some good, and his legacy is more than Watergate. But I blame him and his actions for the paranoia that most people have towards the government. And I hope his reputation is never polished enough that it loses its stain.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Socialized Health Care Hit List

First they came for the drug users, but I didn't say anything because I didn't do drugs.

Then they came for the drinkers, but I didn't say anything because I didn't drink much.

Then they came for the smokers, but I didn't say anything because I don't smoke.

Now they're coming for the fat bastards, and there's no one to speak up for me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Book Alert!

I just finished reading Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.

Basically, a regular joe, who happens to be into guns, gets attacked by a werewolf. Since he not only survives the attack, but kills the werewolf, he's offered a job by an international company that specializes in the finding and destroying of supernatural monsters. Much fun ensues.

The book has been talked about on a lot of the gun blogs because the author is an accomplished shooter, and the guns discussed in the book are realistic and correctly described and discussed.

If you're into e-books, you can buy it at Baen Books. If not, then check out Amazon.

Quest for the Key

Well, after 4 days of looking for my keys to the van, I finally gave up.

I had the van towed to the dealership this afternoon, and they cut me a new key based on the VIN. Keys for Caravans are EXPENSIVE because they have to have a chip in them and the chip has to be programmed to the specific car it's mated to.

Cost of towing a car that's locked in Park - $105
Cost of cutting a new key, complete with built-in remote for doors and alarm - $219
Having your wife give you that shit-eating grin but not saying "I told you so" - Priceless

I'd be a happy guy

Cracked has a photo montage up that tries to show what the world would be like if sarcasm ruled.

This is my favorite:

If sarcasm ruled the world, I'd definitely be somewhere high in the ruling class.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rain Update

Apparently this has been one of the wettest days in Louisville history. I've heard reports of as much as 8 inches of rain in an hour in some places. Amazingly, noone has been killed as Louisvillians learn that their cars do not magically turn into submarines when the roads are flooded.

I had a doctor appointment this afternoon, and since the interstate was a parking lot, I tried to get through on surface streets. I made it about a quarter of the way downtown, when I got stuck in a deadlock. The street I was trying to go down hit a very low point, which had turned into a small lake. The city fathers had chosen to put barriers between the two directions of traffic, so no turning around and going back until everyone cooperated.

For those of you who don't know, when your tire treads fill up with mud and your car starts to sink, you should ease off on the gas. This is a shout out to the lady who asked all of us to give her a push and then got mad when we told her she was hosed and needed to call a tow truck.

I and about 3 others sat there for an hour trying to convince 50 other people to either backup or turn around and use the nearest intersection to get out of there before a police officer came and made them do it. I rescheduled my appointment so no harm no foul.

The Irish Woman's building completely flooded, as did the animal shelter and the main library. That crushes Junior Bear's plans for this weekend. The library was going to put on a miniature comics convention, but that's probably not going to happen now.

My thanks go out to the LMPD, all of the firemen in Louisville, and the National Guard troops who have worked to help those who need it tonight.

Casa de Oso came through OK. The sump pump is going off with regularity, and both ponds are overflowing. Otherwise, we seem to have come through it OK.


like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

We've gotten a couple of inches so far, and I expect another two to three today. Junior Bear is home and is holding down the house while I'm at work. Irish Woman reports that her office building downtown is leaking like a sieve and has a couple of feet of water in the basement. I walked through the storm to get from my car to my desk, and I'm pretty sure I saw some animals being led two by two by some old guy from Bullitt County on the way in.

This has been the weirdest summer I've seen since I moved here. It's been cool to the point of strange, and we've gotten more rain than I've ever seen. It reminds me of the summers back in North Dakota. A couple of really hot days, but otherwise very pleasant. And when it rains, it washes away cars and small children.

I'm going to stop calling this area Indyucky and start calling it Seattle on the Ohio. If I can only find a good cup of coffee, the picture will be complete.

Interesting Article

Saw this over at Popular Mechanics. Not sure who to give the H/T to. My apologies to the source.

These are some small, relatively low cost pieces of equipment that would make a short-term disruption in basic services a bit more comfortable.

A couple of notes:

My brother-in-law has a couple of those Honda generators, and they are QUIET! If I were to re-purchase my generator, I'd probably go with those.

A power inverter like the one in the article is a semi-replacement for a generator in a pinch, but it won't crank out the amps you need for a refrigerator or a sump pump. But even in normal life, they come in handy. I use mine to power a laptop on long drives so the kids can watch DVD's without me having to bring along a separate DVD player.

I hadn't seen a bathtub bladder before, but it makes sense. With a separate container for water, you don't have to worry about how clean the tub is in the event you have to use it to store water temporarily. In an emergency, clean water is probably the most volatile thing you have to provide. Lack of it in hot weather will degrade you and your family faster than anything else. If you have water, but it's contaminated, it makes your job a lot harder to clean it, or you face the risk of some pretty horrific illness.

But remember, equipment doesn't mean preparedness. Plan, re-plan, and then plan again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bad Day in 1964

On this day in 1964, two incidents happened that changed history.

In Vietnam, the Tonkin Gulf Incident occurred. Maybe something happened, maybe something didn't. President Johnson used the incident to get Congressional authorization to conduct combat operations in Vietnam. This was the authorization that fueled the Vietnam War and marked a generation.

Also in 1964, the FBI pulled the bodies of 3 young, idealistic civil rights workers out of a mud dam in Mississippi. The savage murder of these men put a backbone into President Johnson over civil rights, and may have been a tipping point in the fight over federal civil rights legislation.

Bad Monday

OK, it's a cliche, but this Monday sucked.

When I went to leave this morning, I couldn't find my key to the van. For reasons I won't get into, I only have the one. I turned the house upside down looking for it, but no luck. I had to move all of the baby stuff over to the truck and take it to work.

Baby Bear loved riding in the truck, though. He kept pointing and waving to all of the other drivers.

We looked more this evening, but didn't find it. I'll call the dealer tomorrow and get another made. Even if we find the other one, I'll have a spare.

Then when I got to work, I found out that a small detail that I forgot to do a few months ago has come back to bite me square on the tuckus. No details, but a lack of work on my part is keeping my DBA's from logging into one of our databases to do admin work like monitoring and backups. I'll have to get downtime from the users and fix it.

So I'm going to just sit back, relax, and let this day end. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 Days to Football

Soon, our long national nightmare without Sunday football will be over.

A Swimming We Have Gone

Just got back from Great Wolf Lodge. The kids had a wonderful time, and the Irish Woman and I got a good workout chasing Baby Bear both in and out of the water.

The Lodge itself is wonderful. It's 4 stars, and the service is excellent. It's extremely family oriented, with a lot of different activities for kids. There are a few things for adults, but you can only drink beer and sit in a hot tub so long when you've got kids with you.

I really have no complaints. We all had a wonderful time.

One note: bring your wallet. The money you pay for your room gets you into the waterpark and that's about it. Everything else costs, and some things cost big. That being said, I think we got good value for every dollar we spent. The non-waterpark activities sound great if you want your kids to have a good time and you want to relax, but they're expensive. There's a game of sorts for older children where they run around with magic wands and get points for finding things on a treasure map with them. The wands are ID'ed by the hotel's computer, so as the kids find things in the scavenger hunt, they gain points. The basic set consists of a wand and a treasure map. That was $25. If you want, you can drop a LOT more coin and deck your little wizard out like something at a dress inspection at Hogwarts. Girlie Bear got the basic set, and that kept her occupied for about 6 hours when she wasn't swimming.

Another note: The place isn't really set up for children under about 4 or so. Baby Bear had the time of his life, but all of the time he had to be held onto by Irish Woman or me. That tired us out almost as much as it did him. Even the areas that had fountains and the like that were appropriate for him had at least 6 inches of water. If I was to be asked what could be added to the park, then a splashpark without standing water would be high on my list. Also, I didn't see any changing tables in the restrooms or changing rooms. That meant we had to schlep back to the room to change Baby Bear.

If you're looking for a good, family friendly vacation, this is a great get-away close to Louisville. But it's not cheap by any means.
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