Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of School

Well, the kids started school this morning. Junior Bear is a senior, and Girlie Bear started middle school. They were out the door in plenty of time, but the bus drove past us without stopping. One of the other parents had the number to the bus depot, and the driver turned around and got them. 45 minutes later, but she turned around. She swears she drove by and there was no-one there. Oh well, better luck tomorrow.

Girlie Bear did OK on her first day. She's figured out how to open a combination lock, and likes her classes.

Junior Bear's schedule is messed up pretty bad. They've got his first period with him taking physics the first semester, and the second half of calculus in the second. I'll have to talk to his counselor about that.

He's taking an experimental distance learning class this year. The course is being taught at another high school in Louisville, and he's taking it as an on-line course. He still has an hour a day in class with a teacher, but she appears to be there to make sure the kids are actually working. I hope that works out. It would make it easier for students to take courses that are not offered at their school without having to travel across town.

Here's to a good school year!

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