Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Interesting Article

Saw this over at Popular Mechanics. Not sure who to give the H/T to. My apologies to the source.

These are some small, relatively low cost pieces of equipment that would make a short-term disruption in basic services a bit more comfortable.

A couple of notes:

My brother-in-law has a couple of those Honda generators, and they are QUIET! If I were to re-purchase my generator, I'd probably go with those.

A power inverter like the one in the article is a semi-replacement for a generator in a pinch, but it won't crank out the amps you need for a refrigerator or a sump pump. But even in normal life, they come in handy. I use mine to power a laptop on long drives so the kids can watch DVD's without me having to bring along a separate DVD player.

I hadn't seen a bathtub bladder before, but it makes sense. With a separate container for water, you don't have to worry about how clean the tub is in the event you have to use it to store water temporarily. In an emergency, clean water is probably the most volatile thing you have to provide. Lack of it in hot weather will degrade you and your family faster than anything else. If you have water, but it's contaminated, it makes your job a lot harder to clean it, or you face the risk of some pretty horrific illness.

But remember, equipment doesn't mean preparedness. Plan, re-plan, and then plan again.

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