Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My people, we have strong genes

The other night, Girlie Bear wanted to see some pictures of herself when she was a baby. So I pulled out the album and started leafing through it to get to the period of her infancy.

As I was going along, she pointed at a picture and said "Who's that with Baby Bear?"

It was a picture of my mother and me when I was about 18 months old at the state fair. And sure enough, if you bleach Baby Bear's hair a few shades lighter, it's the same kid.

I explained what the picture was, and she was tickled that Baby Bear resembled me so much, at least this month.

Then as we went along, she pointed at another picture and asked why Junior Bear was wearing my uniform.

It was my basic training portrait. She was right. Shave Junior's head and put him in a uniform, and he'd almost match that guy.

Then we got to pics of her on her first birthday. Even though she's a girl, and her hair was a bit darker, she had the same smile and poses as Baby Bear did on his first birthday.

My genes run strong. Strong like bull.

Live in fear for the future.

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