Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Two of these today, dealing with the community response to flooding in my hometown:

"For the rest of the country, that is kind of mind boggling. But ... that's how we are in North Dakota," --Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota
"It's one thing to go and visit somebody and stay in their house and enjoy their hospitality for a couple of days. It's another thing to move in indefinitely and wonder, have we overstayed our welcome?" -- Pancoast, Minot North Dakota
The people I grew up with and around are reaching out to one another and helping.  It doesn't seem to matter if it's family, friend, or total stranger.  Growing up, the mantra I had pounded into me was "Never ask for help, but never fail to give it without being asked".

Contrast that to the denizens of New Orleans after Katrina who also had days to prepare, had to be rescued by a massive operation after failing to either leave or provide for themselves, and in some cases had to be removed from 'temporary' shelters by court order.

Now imagine what a different picture we would have seen if people from the parts of New Orleans that were not flooded had opened up their homes, garages, trailers, and hearts to the citizens of the flooded portions of the Crescent City.  


bluesun said...

Good Lutrans, one and all.

North said...

Interviewed on the news was a woman who lost her home to the water. She and her family moved in with a friend and that home then flooded. Both families are now somewhere ( news report didn't say ) else. She said something to the effect of "Well, all that I can do now that I've lost everything is concentrate on helping others."

Not like Katrina at all. These are people that will care for each other, help each other. NOT just fall over and have someone else (the govt) do for them.

These people - these are Americans.

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