Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flies and Honey

A jewelry store owner in Wisconsin has decided to not allow his customers to carry concealed firearms in his store.  He reasons that he already has security procedures in place for a robbery, and he says he doesn't feel comfortable having armed people around while haggling over price.

While I don't agree with him, I fully support his right as a property owner to decide under what conditions he wants to do business. If someone I do business with decided to not allow concealed carry in their establishment, I would politely tell them that I will no longer be in their business and why.  This storeowner has apparently been getting a lot of angry mail and telephone calls.

Remember people, be polite.  If he recognizes that gun owners tend to be civil, honest, and polite people, he may in the future decide to change his mind.  Threatening, haranguing, and scaring business owners like this do nothing but solidify their position and rob us of converts.

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Keads said...

True! Nice post and thanks!

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