Monday, June 27, 2011

This is who we fight

On Sunday, a beautiful little 8 year old girl walked up to a police car carrying a bag.  She had been asked to carry the bag to the policemen by someone she trusts.  When she approached the car, a remote receiver in the bag caused the explosives in it to detonate, killing her.

This is our enemy.  Whether they are in Kabul, or Riyadh, or London, or Detroit, the enemies of liberal Western democracy are prepared to kill anyone and use any means to hurt us.  They will use our freedoms, our openness, our trust, and even our children to kill us.

If you're a parent, a grandparent, or an uncle or aunt, think about the small children you love.  What madness would it take for you to hand one of them a satchel charge?  We are not dealing with a rational foe.  Negotiation is nothing but a delaying tactic.  Mercy is seen as weakness.  While the president of Afghanistan rails against the accidental deaths of civilians in combat, nothing will be said about using children or other helpless members of society as weapon delivery systems.

I advocate leaving the Dar al-Islam to its own ends.  If they want democracy, theocracy, or anarchy, let them have it.  But we should never forget their stated goal of forcing us to believe and behave in the same way they do, and that they will use whatever means they can find to accomplish that goal.


Joshkie said...

Never Forget!


Old NFO said...

Good post, and yeah, they ARE out to kill ALL of us...

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