Monday, June 27, 2011

Mission Creep

Our pretty little war in Libya just got a bit more complicated.  The International Criminal Court has indicted Qaddafi, his son, and his security chief for war crimes.  Good luck getting him to negotiate a peaceful end to the war now.  I expect that in the next few days or so, President Obama will start using that to justify his not-really-a-war-because-we-don't-use-the-W-word war against Qaddafi and his regime.

For those of you old enough to remember, this is exactly what happened under President Bush the First in Somalia.  First we were going in to provide security for humanitarian aid, then we were there to stabilize the situation and protect civilians from bands of thugs, then we started hunting for local warlords.

I would not be surprised if Obama didn't use this as an excuse to escalate the conflict a bit, seeing as now his moves are legitimized by the UN, NATO, and the ICC.  Of course, he hasn't gotten authorization from the U.S. Congress.  Details, details.  Who am I to object? There's a kinetic action going on, after all.

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