Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cat, Free to a Good Home

Must have a large yard, access to gazelles for entertainment and nourishment, and be able to deal with living with the high squeaking call of a cheetah.

Someone in the United Arab Emirates forgot to bring the cat in for the night, and now the authorities are looking for them.  Their cheetah was found wandering the streets, apparently with no ID or microchip.

I've never understood the exotic pet thing myself.  I grew up with cats, dogs, and the occasional fish.  It never occurred to me to have a wolf, leopard, cobra, piranha, or Tazmanian Death Chinchilla that was smuggled across the Pacific in some guys jock strap as a pet.  To me, a pet is something that is a distraction from the insanity that life becomes, not something to add to it.  Although I have to say, Bluegrass and Timmy come close to causing insanity on a regular basis. 

Oh well, I hope that the people who took this beautiful animal out of the wild and used it as an ornament are caught and dealt with, and that the cheetah is either returned to the wild or placed in a good zoo.  I'm just glad the cat didn't mistake a small child as the slowest pig he'd ever seen.

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Shepherd K said...

I can't say that I can explain the whole exotic pet thing, but I can understand the desire to own a big cat (even though I don't personally). I had the great pleasure of once spending a day with 5 privately owned tigers. There is something magnificent about the big cats (and it's not just the food bill). Maybe it's just the thought of owning a cat that could eat some gangsta wannabe's pit bull whole. Maybe it's the thought of a burglar saving you a week's worth of meat by breaking into the wrong house. Or it just could be the thought of being able to snuggle up against an animal bigger than you whose "purr box" is permanently set on 11 instead of the other way around.

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