Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Christmas Carols

Last year this time, I put up a few of my crooked Christmas carols.  Here are a couple more:

Not exactly a Christmas song, but fun to sing anyway. This one goes out to my Viking ancestors:

Burn the village to the ground,
Doo dah, doo dah
Spread the fire all around
All the doo dah day
Let it burn all night!
Let it burn all day!
I put my loot in the bottom of the boat,
Now let's row out into the bay.

This one has more of a Kentucky feeling to it:

See them resting, see them rolling
Marked with distiller and date
In the barn
There's shelves full of whiskey
Barrels sitting, whiskey aging
Giving angels their share
And in every tavern you'll hear:
Maker's Mark!
Maker's Mark!
It's bourbon time in Kentucky
Sip a nip, pour and drip
Soon it will be Bourbon Days!
And finally:

We'll be boned for Christmas
Obama is making it so
With deficits and hissy fits
He's ensuring our economy won't grow! 
Christmas Eve will find him,
Plotting collapse and strife
Ye, we'll be boned for Christmas
Paying taxes our whole life!

1 comment:

Drang said...

Mortars ring, are ya listenin'?
In the Zone, tracers glistenin'!
We're happy tonight!
A real firefight!
Walkin' in the VC jungle land!

In the village we will find an old man
He will tell us he's not Viet Cong!
We'll have lots of fun with the old man
Until my ranger buddy guns him down

Later on we'll conspire
As we draw small arms fire
We're happy tonight
A real fire fight
Walkin' in the VC jungle land!

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