Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I really listen to

Yesterday I listed the top 25 songs played on my iPhone.  Just from that list, you'd think I was pretty white bread in my tastes, and to a point I am.  But that list skews towards family friendly stuff because I usually listen to music in the car when I have the family with me.  If I'm alone in the car or listening to headphones, I usually listen to podcasts.  Curiously, listening to the sound of people talking in a  podcast helps me to drown out the sound of people talking in the office.

So here's what I normally listen to when I'm listening for myself:

  • Bryan Suits on KGO - A podcast made from the daily show on a San Diego radio station.  Center-Right politics, but the snark is strong with this one.  Lots of reminders of why I'm glad I never moved back to California.
  • Coffee and Markets - Libertarian/Republican economics and politics
  • Common Sense with Dan Carlin - Libertarian politics and current events.
  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Essays about historical topics given from the standpoint of a dedicated amateur
  • Dark Secret Place - Weekly show by Bryan Suits about the military, politics, and military technology
  • Down Range Radio - Michael Bane's weekly talk about guns and shooting, from the secret bunker high atop the Rocky Mountains.  Bonus points if you're familiar with the music he plays at the beginning and end of the podcast.
  • Empty Mags - JP does a bang-up job discussing shooting topics for the everyman.
  • The History of Rome - Good semi-weekly show that's been going for years.  Great chronology of the Roman civilization, starting with the founding of the city.  The series seems to be winding down, as the host is just about to the point where the western empire dries up and blows away, but all of the old episodes are available for download and it took me weeks to listen to all of them when I decided to restart.
  • Vicious Circle - A guilty pleasure.  Good talk between good friends, but definitely not something I'd listen to with the kids around.  Sometimes very insightful, always entertaining.  Warning - DaddyBear is not responsible for loss of sanity points due to listening to Vicious Circle.  Especially if Weerd and Stingray are having a "Who can find the grossest stuff on the Internet?" contest or if the participants are indulging in porno theater of the mind.  You have been warned.

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