Wednesday, December 21, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Run Run Rudolph" Department - An Ohio man was able to re-capture a reindeer that had gotten loose from a cattle truck.  Luckily, the animal only got minor injuries from it's escape attempt.  Apparently, reindeer truly cannot fly, at least from the back of a truck going 55.
  • From the "Road Hazard" Department - A volunteer fire fighter in Texas pulled a man from a burning car while dressed as Santa.  He then started directing traffic around the accident.  My guess is no-one gave the Jolly Old Elf any lip when he told them to take a left turn when they wanted to go straight.  When they make a movie of this, I see Bruce Willis as the main character, a gruff veteran firefighter who has lost his holiday spirit, but gets it back when the car explodes.
  • From the "Beer is Food" Department - A new report asserts that eating certain foods, such as turkey, grains, and vegetables, can reduce stress due to their nutrition.  Personally, I've found a steak, a cold beer, and homemade macaroni and cheese does wonders for my attitude.
  • From the "Cold and Dark" Department - New EPA regulations will require operators of coal fired power plants to install new equipment that cleans mercury and other pollutants out of their emissions.  The new rules will go into force in 2015, and will probably mean the closure of some power plants that cannot be retrofitted in a cost-effective manner.  No word yet on whether or not new nuclear power plants will be started in time to make up the difference, or if those of us who actually pay for energy will just have to pay more for keeping the lights on and the house warm.  
  • From the "Walking While Blotto" Department - A doctor in Illinois is asserting that walking home from the bar is just as dangerous as driving home.  I guess friends don't let friends stumble. Remember, no matter what it takes, take away their sneakers.  Walking home drunk can lead to getting hit by a car, passing out on the front lawn, and having to make the walk of shame the next morning.

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Ruth said...

*makes note* must have alternative energy installed on the house by 2015 *end note*

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