Tuesday, December 27, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Custodiae Venalicium" Department - Police are reporting that a large group of 'juveniles' at the Mall of America in Minnesota started a fight at the food court, then broke up into smaller groups that roved the mall after police moved in to stop the fight.  Sounds like they could have used more men dressed in RobbAllen's best.  Alert Food Court Six.
  • From the "Tasty, Tasty Murder" Department - PETA is asking the Illinois Department of Transportation to erect a memorial plaque for cows killed in a traffic accident.  While I question their motives, I think that PETA would do their best to make this a mooooving memorial.  I just hope they don't get too bossie about it.  I mean, there's a a lot at steak here.
  • From the "Equal Protection Under the Law" Department - The Supreme Court has been asked to take up a case that tries to better define when a police officer is protected against litigation or prosecution.  This could get interesting.  If police can be taken to court more easily when they break the law or abuse a citizen's rights, then maybe fewer of them will be willing to do stupid crap.

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Drang said...

1) Where was Gecko45?
2) Just thought of this today: Can Vegans eat leavened bread? Or yogurt with active cultures?

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