Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The White House today re-affirmed its support for Vice-President Agnew's assertion that the "Viet Cong are not our enemies per se".  Even though most attacks against American forces in the Republic of Vietnam are carried out by the VC, administration spokesmen assert that the United States got involved in South Vietnam because of an attack against American vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin, not to fight the Viet Cong or to protect the Saigon government against them.

Agnew further asserted that the United States is working towards two goals in South Vietnam:  First, to root out international communists who can damage American interests in the region, and to help the government in Saigon become strong enough to either negotiate with or defeat the Viet Cong on their own terms.

Newspapers are reporting that the United States is trying to conclude a set of secret negotiations with Viet Cong leadership, with the aim of being able to leave South Vietnam by the target date of 1973.  American negotiators are reportedly offering to release VC prisoners for a promise to renounce violence and refrain from Communist agitation, both in Vietnam and in other countries in Southeast Asia.


Old NFO said...

Argh... NOT EVEN going to comment... cause I'd have to use four letter words!

DaddyBear said...

Hopefully it's not me you're pissed at.

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