Friday, December 30, 2011

Range Report

Who has two thumbs and the best wife on earth?   This guy!

This fact was demonstrated today by my ability to sign into my range as a member, which my darling wife bought as my Christmas present.  This was after being urged to go shooting this morning, and being told that since my range is primarily for pistols, then I should get more pistols.  Also got told that she got me the membership for a reason, and she expects me to use it.  This from a woman that in 2003 wasn't entirely convinced it was a good thing when I got back into shooting, and is still lukewarm to the idea of her going shooting with any regularity.  Yeah, she's a keeper.

Started out with the Remington R1 again.  It's still shooting to the left a bit.  I changed my point of aim a tad and got the rounds into the center of the target.  I need to get a set of calipers and do a comparison between the clearances on this gun and my Rock Island 1911.  I field-stripped the R1 last night, and it is tight.  I could take the RIA down with my bare hands, but I had to use the included plastic wrench to rotate the bushing and push in the slide lock pin on the R1.

The CZ-82 came next.  I pushed the target out to 30 feet, and while my group opened up a bit from where it was at 21, I was still on the 10 inch splatter target I was using.  I seriously need to stock up on ammunition for this on.  I have one box of brass cased target ammunition left, and one box of defense rounds.  I do have a case of TulAmmo for it in the basement, but this range doesn't allow steel cased ammunition. I'll use that stuff for outdoor shooting and start stocking up on 9mm Makarov when I have the extra pennies.

I also shot the S&W Model 13, but with .38's.  I'm working more on my trigger pull than anything else with this one.  I was able to do a much better job of staying on target with double action shooting this time.  This is another one where I need to start loading up on ammunition.  I'm not as low on .38 or .357 as I am on 9mm Mak, but I've got less than I'm comfortable with.

Last came the S&W 22A1.  I need to get more magazines for this one.  I go through the two I have pretty fast, and it would be nice to load up four or five before going to the range.  I had some trouble with this one today.  I was shooting Winchester High Velocity from a box of 500 bullets, and had several stovepipes and a couple of duds.  I shot Remington ammunition last time out with no problem, so I may switch back to that or try the Federal bulk stuff and leave the Winchester for the other .22's.

I also noticed that the range is going to start having their Wednesday shooting leagues starting up in January.  I think I'll sign up for that and see what happens.  It's not IDPA or ISPSA, but it's an excuse to get out and shoot more often.

I brought up the idea of reloading in order to save a bit of money (I know, I know) in ammunition, but Irish Woman is still not OK with the idea, so I'll let that go for now.  She's come a long way when it comes to guns, so I'm not going to push too hard.


MrG's said...

I know the feeling, when I met my wife, she was anti-gun, she still don't like them that much but she knows how to use them and don't complain when I have gun parts all over the coffee table. For Christmas she tried to buy me a pistol and had a lot of problems, I do give her kudo's for trying. She has come far from the dark side of the force. She finally told me to get what i want and here was the dollar range she had budgeted. I picked up a nice Taurus millenium 40 cal and it is for CCW uses.
I have to replenish my war load, I am running low on .40 cal, .32 ACP and 38 and .357 stuff. Gotta restock.

Odysseus said...

CZ-82s are nice my wife loves her's(evidence by her post last month

Our most often used range is a good news/bad news deal. It's a free and unmonitored conservation department range. Great value but if you go at a busy time it's range idiot central.

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