Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Going to have to watch this one

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that a Kroger store manager reacted to someone putting something up to the back of one of his employees and demanding that she go to the back office by shooting the thug in the face.  Said thug has reportedly shuffled off this mortal coil.

Not surprisingly, Kroger seems to have a "No guns in the workplace" policy, as do most businesses.  Being in Indiana, employees are allowed to keep firearms in their locked cars while at work, but companies are allowed to prohibit them in the workplace.  I don't have a problem with that, by the way. Company premises are usually private property, and what a property owner wants to allow or not is up to them.

Authorities are still investigating, as is Kroger.  I imagine that the family of this misunderstood young man, who was turning his life around and only went out of the house to get his mother's medicine and to take orphans to vespers, will be hiring themselves a lawyer within the next 36 hours.  I fully expect both the shooter and Kroger to be sued six ways from Sunday on this, no matter what the police find.

Of course the newspaper has to throw in a couple of digs, but that's to be expected:

Records suggest Elliott at one time had a carry permit for a gun, but it's uncertain whether that's still the case because lawmakers recently changed the law to make such information confidential.
As I understand it, the law was changed to make them confidential because some newspapers wanted to do a Google Map mashup of CCW carriers' addresses.

On the other hand, not all shoppers would feel entirely comfortable if they thought the produce guy might be a wanna-be Wyatt Earp.
 Right, because all CCW holders have fantasies of being an Old West lawman who goes on a personal vendetta against a gang of men who shot up his family.  Yep, that's me.  Hey, I've even been to Tombstone!

Like the title says, I'll be watching this one.  My family shops at our local Kroger a lot.  But if this manager is fired, I'm switching to somewhere else.  I left Walgreens after they fired a pharmacist for defending his life, and I'll leave Kroger too.  Not calling for a boycott.  I'll leave it up to everyone else, but I sure won't be giving them any more of my money.


Suz said...

Please keep us posted.

Mamma Bear said...

We no longer use Walgreens. Don't have a Kroger here or it would be on "the list" as well

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