Monday, December 19, 2011

Blog Roundup

  • Firehand links to a great story about people standing up and defending themselves.  The image I have of the Jewish guy taking on 20 Nazis is more Bruce Lee than Indiana Jones.
  • Borepatch tries to explain to the Republicans that we're tired of voting for people just because it's their turn.
  • Jeff Knox makes a good point.  The groups that are called the "Gun Lobby" are nothing more than an aggregate of the millions of us who own, shoot, and enjoy guns and shooting.
  • BRM points us to an article that pretty much convinces me that Newt just isn't the one for me.
  • George Smiley sums up the situation on the Korean peninsula quite nicely, and points to some of the things that the new Dear Leader is going to have to do in order to keep power.
  • Shepherd seems to be fitting right into the dad department.  Yeah, we all get mushy about our kids, no matter how macho we are.

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