Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feline Cage Match

I have to quit leaving the TV running when I'm not in the room. Koshka apparently has been watching Mixed Martial Arts fighting while I'm not home.

I opened a can of tuna to make a sandwich for lunch. I immediately had all three cats wanting some.  No surprise there.  They are cats, after all.

After emptying the can, I put it down so they could have a treat.  Annja backed down with just a look and a huff from Koshka.  Timmy attempted to use his greater girth to force Koshka to the side.  Koshka then kicked him in the head with her back claws, grabbed his head in her front paws, and held him by the throat with her teeth until he stopped struggling.  No amount of work on my part to get her to let go of his neck would work unless I applied so much force that she would have ripped out his throat.

Once Timmy stopped resisting, Koshka let him go, at which point he ran to the basement and has not been seen since.  Koshka then finished licking the tuna can clean, meowed at me over possession of the sandwich, and has been having a good afternoon of lounging in sun beams.

I think I just saw Timmy tap out when Koshka choked him over the water and fish particles left in a tuna can.  Yes, she's the Siamese, she's a tad psychotic, and yes, she's the dominant feline in the house.  I don't think Timmy is going to need a reminder of that for a very long time.


Ruth said...

Sounds like a few Siamese I've known lol!

Jennifer said...

We have 51 pounds of cats here. 2 of them are 18 pounds, the 3rd is 15 pounds. He's the dominant one. And yes, Siamese. Super sweet to every human he meets, but he keeps the quadrupeds in line.

DaddyBear said...

That's why I try to always have a Siamese in the house. The first one I had was truly psychotic, and I've always enjoyed having a pet that would occasionally try to hunt me, but would just barely not have the ability to close the deal.

Auntie J said...

My cats are all a bunch of mutts...but there's no denying that Po is the queen of the house. Even with our recent move, she was fine with exploring to her little heart's content.

Koa, however...well, we've had her since she was born (we fostered her litter), and she's been attempting to stage a palace coup since she was about four and a half weeks old. Unfortunately for her, while Po is getting older (almost 14), and the diabetes has slowed her down a bit, Po is still in charge. Koa needs the occasional reminder, though, and I honestly think that Po deliberately lets Koa get away with some stuff to lull her into a sense of "she's too old to kick me into next week"...just so that she can do just that.

Po is not as hefty as she used to be (in her heyday, she weighed 20 pounds), but we've long suspected there's a dose of Maine Coon blood in her somewhere. She's big enough for that.

If you believe a friend's theory that all black cats have Siamese in them somewhere, I suppose we have one here (Koa's all black). She's certainly mouthy enough for it, and she has more attitude than one 13-pound feline should.

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