Thursday, December 15, 2011


A photograph of Air Force personnel posed around a coffin, which contains an airman pretending to be dead, has been circulating around the Internet and is being investigated by the Air Force.

This year's winner in the "Bad Idea" Category
Now, I've got a pretty dark sense of humor.  OK, I've got a sense of humor that's been called "sick and twisted" by those who are qualified to make that assessment.  But even I know that this is pretty poor taste.  And if they didn't think that whatever dolt got hold of it wouldn't post it on the Internet, where it would burst into flames and splatter all of them with burning feces, then they're too dumb to work around airplanes.

Say it with me kids:  If you do stupid crap and take pictures or video of it, you will be found out.

This reminds me of a video I saw once of a defoliant spraying plane in Vietnam which had "Only you can prevent forests" painted on the fuselage.  Funny?  Yes, in a dark and twisted sort of way.  Appropriate?  Maybe, maybe not.  Something you want on the national news?  Not on your life.

Let's play a game here kids.  We'll call it "Good idea, bad idea"
  • Taking a group picture - Good Idea
  • Taking a group picture with a coffin in it - Bad Idea
  • Posing in funny  ways in your group picture - Good Idea
  • Posing in funny ways around a guy laying with his eyes closed in a coffin - Bad Idea
  • Taking a picture, in uniform, of a bunch of people posed around a coffin with a guy pretending to be dead in it - What the !#$!@#!$ is wrong with you?!?!?!?!
Also, this is disrespectful to the troops that have come home feet first in these coffins.  What these airmen and NCO's were thinking, if at all, and what organ they were using to think with, if any, when they came up with this idea and followed through on it is beyond me. 

I hope the Air Force gets to the bottom of this and 'corrects' the individuals involved.  But like the man said, you just can't fix stupid.

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45er said...

I was pretty disappointed when I read this today. It was a major bone-headed move. No one in the whole group stopped to think how this would be a huge wad of fail when the picture went public.

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