Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trick Question

When attending a family pot-luck, in the event that your sister-in-law made the same dish as your wife, a dish you know for a fact that the SIL makes better than your wife, which do you eat?

Do you:

A) Eat them equally?
B) Eat the one your SIL brought?
C) Eat the one your wife made like the antidote was in it?

The answer of course, is C.  Ever see those films of the Soviet congresses back in the 1930's and '40's where delegates would clap for half an hour so that they wouldn't be the first to stop clapping for Stalin? Yeah, you eat like that.  Bonus points if the wife never knows you know the SIL brought a dish of any kind.


Borepatch said...

Made the Misus laugh, that did. Me, too.

45er said...

D. get the SILs dish and say it was the wife's and eat it for all you're worth.

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