Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thought for the Day

Today, I realized just how old and domesticated I have become.  While I was eating my breakfast before going to work, I started doing my Christmas shopping.

I used to travel the world, trying all of the local hooch, driving multi-ton, multi-million dollar war machines, and live a life that had no plans past going to bed that night.  Now I'm surfing Amazon for Christmas presents in September.



bluesun said...

Why not give a gift of local hooch? (to appropriately aged people, of course. Boo probably wouldn't appreciate it anyway.)

Old NFO said...

LOL- Welcome to being an old fart :-)

DirtCrashr said...

Home-made hooch is always appreciated too!

DaddyBear said...

bluesun, I make a habit of taking a bottle of Kentucky's finest on all of my visits, not just those at Christmas. Of course, at Christmas I take it along for my own use. I'm not doing THAT sober.

I need to take a shot at making beer and wine. Unfortunately I don't drink enough to make that economical. I'd have to give most of it away (I know, I know)

Borepatch said...

There is an honor an satisfaction in the "Daddy" part, too. Even if it doesn't come with 120mm HEAT rounds.

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