Friday, September 2, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Douchebag in a Mitre Board" - A college professor in California has been arrested after a raid on his home produced a pound of methamphetamine.  The suspected drug dealer is an associate professor of kinesiology.  So I guess distributing a drug that causes tweeks would give him a lot of material to do research with.
  • From the "So That's How It Works" Department - The Federal Housing Agency has announced that it is suing several large banks for their practices in the mortage business during the mortage bubble and bust.  This could cause these banks, most of whom got at least some money from TARP, to give up billions.  The same agency oversees Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, so this may be the way that the government is able to both bail out those ailing organizations and recoup some of the TARP money.  This is pure genius.  We incur a huge amount of debt, give it to financial businesses that caused the mess so they don't go belly up, then sue them to get the money back and redistribute it to another business that earned its troubles.  Somewhere, a bald man is sitting in a chair stroking a cat over this.
  • From the "Crowbar to a Gunfight" Department - The U.N. has announced that they believe that while Israel is justified in blockading military and dual-use products from Gaza, Israeli commandos used an unreasonable level of force when they boarded a freighter and were attacked by the occupants.  My response:  When a ship is boarded, if you're going to resist and the boarders are carrying guns, standing upright outside of cover with a crowbar is not the way you repel boarders without getting ventilated.  Either read some Ghandi and sit down so they have to deal with your peacefully uncooperative butt, or find some cover and concealment and something that will send copper jacketed lead toward the boarders at 1200 feet per second.  If you can't do one of those two things, stop whining.  Stupid is supposed to hurt.

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