Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning News Summary

Woke up listening to the local morning news.  Here's basically what was discussed:

  • Holy Cow!  Did we get a lot of rain or what?
  • If you're driving to work, be careful.  Road conditions are atrocious, and there are a lot of idiots on the road.
  • The university is delaying classes today because most of its streets are underwater.  Just like it does every time it rains.
  • A local man has been seen building a rather large boat and gathering examples of all the local animals.  County inspectors plan to visit him today if they can get their truck out of the water.
  • Did we mention that it's still raining?  
  • Local high school kids have learned how to dribble a basketball and throw it at a hoop. 
  • We have flash flood warnings for all of the places that usually get flash flood warnings, but we're going to tell you so that you know.   
  • The Secretary of the Treasury is coming to town to discuss the President's proposed jobs bill with people who already have a job.
  • In supposedly related news, one of the local large employers is hiring a good chunk of people.  Here are a few interviews with folks who hope to get some of those jobs.
  • Just to recap before we repeat this in the second half of the hour:  It's been raining hard for about 8 hours, driving to work is taking your life in your own hands, university students have a couple extra hours to sleep it off this morning, something about jobs, and did we mention it's raining?


45er said...

Send some down. Yikes, people around here freak when it rains. You get the feeling there's going to be a fight when one person gets some rain and another doesn't. It's precipitation envy.

Julie said...

lol sounds pretty much like the news here too ... just add 'some small hail' likely warnings too ... oh and then there's the helpful advice from Main Roads "turn on your lights and drive carefully" ...

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