Sunday, September 4, 2011

Overheard in the Living Room

Irish Woman, reading the new Kentucky hunting guide:  Says here you can't bait bears in Kentucky.  Do they sell scents for bears like they do for deer?
DaddyBear:  I suppose so, dear.  Something like Bear in Estrus or something.
Irish Woman:  I don't know that I'd scent myself up if I were hunting bear.   I wouldn't want the bear to be able to find me so precisely.
DaddyBear:  Why not?
Irish Woman:  Because a bear is a much better predator than you are.  You cover yourself up in the scent of a female bear in heat, and the best case scenario is he kills you when he figures out you're not that hot coed he was looking for.  Worst case scenario - he rapes you.
DaddyBear:  Oh God!  My eyes!


PISSED said...

Irish woman makes a lot of "scents"..hahahha

45er said...

Yeah, I would think putting estrus all over you for a top tier predator would not work out all that well. Of course, that's why you just spray it on a tree. Poor, defenseless tree.

DaddyBear said...

That's another image I didn't need.

Lokidude said...

For the record, bears are best baited with day old donuts and dog food.

Peter said...

That's why, in Africa, the use of lion pee as bait is strangely conspicuous by its absence . . . either that, or those who've tried it haven't reported back!


WS4E said...

>For the record, bears are best baited with day old donuts and dog food.

I do believe I remember that "pic-a-nic baskets" work best at attracting the really smarter than average bears.

They also have a little buddy with them as well so you can usually attract two at the same time.

Just don't let the Ranger see you.

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