Friday, September 30, 2011

Quote of the Day

Maybe your golf buddies are soft, and your union thugs are soft, and your legion of academics that have never held a real job are soft, and the societal leeches that depend on the democrat’s perpetual welfare state are soft, but most Americans are not soft.  -- Larry Correia, commenting on President Obama's assertion that all our problems are due to the fact that we've gone 'soft'.

BTW, Larry seems to be closer to the Mormons I knew when we lived in Utah than Mitt Romney seems to be.  


North said...

I say we stop being 'soft'. Does Barry want that?

Old NFO said...

He thinks we're soft, but if he keeps going, he's gonna find out different!!!

45er said...

That was a pretty righteous rant by Larry filled with potential QOTD's. Soft is actually what got him elected. I don't understand which way he wants it. Actually, I do. It's straight out of "Atlas
Shrugged". He wants the takers to vote for him and he wants to squeeze the givers to keep his voting base happy.

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