Thursday, December 1, 2011

News Roundups

  • From the "Bad Idea" Department - Two young men in Alabama have been arrested after police say they set off deer urine grenades in a Walmart.  The two are alleged to have gone to the sporting goods department, retrieved the two deer scent lures, then activated them in the clothing department.  As someone who has tipped over a bottle of doe urine in the back of his truck, I can say that these two knuckleheads are probably lucky they're in jail. If the workers at the Walmart get hold of them, their beating will be epic and thorough.
  •  From the "Whoops!" Department - A young father in Kentucky got lucky on Tuesday when he forgot his six-month-old in a shopping cart at the grocery store.  Other shoppers noticed the child, and called police.  The father realized his mistake and hurried back to retrieve his child. Police are not pressing charges, but have contacted social services.  As a father of four lovely children, I can feel empathy for this man.  By the time my kids were six months old, I was so far behind on sleep I was lucky to remember to tie my shoes in the morning.  I'm pretty sure at this moment, the father wishes he was in jail with the two knuckleheads from the Walmart in Alabama.  Can you imagine explaining that to a young mother?
  • From the "11th Century Democracy" Department - A young lady and her sisters have been hospitalized in Afghanistan following an attack in which a spurned suitor threw acid at them.  The young women are getting medical care, and I hope the jackass who attacked them is being strung up by his Achilles tendon by her family at the moment.  If you've ever seen A Man Called Horse, you'll be able to visualize what I think he deserves.  I'm so glad that the blood and treasure we've poured into Afghanistan has helped that society come so far so fast.
  • From the "Up the Meds" Department - Vice President Biden is predicting that the relationship between Iraq and the United States will improve in the future, even after American military forces have left the country.  The headline for that article is "Biden Sees Rosy Picture US-Iraq Relationship".  I'm not surprised that he sees that.  He also sees leprechauns. 

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Auntie J said...

You know, when Hubby was about five, his mom and sister left him behind at church. Totally forgot him, as he was quietly playing in the church nursery while his mom and older sister finished up whatever business had brought them to church...and then left. It wasn't until they got home that his mom realized she'd forgotten her youngest child (Hubby is the "What do you mean, you're pregnant?" baby, and came along nine years after they thought they were done). Fortunately, the pastor's wife was there, saw him, and brought him home.

Then again, this was *muffled* years ago, and Hubby was living in a town of less than 1100 people....

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