Thursday, December 1, 2011

Denial is Not a River in Egypt

A church in eastern Kentucky has voted to not allow interracial couples to join the church or take part in its services.  They will, however, let them come to church for worship, which is might Christian of them.  The vote was 9 to 6, with most people in the congregation refusing to take part.  The author of the resolution claims that he's not a racist.

Sparky, I think you need to get yourself a dictionary.  "Racist" tends to set somewhere between "Racecar" and "Recollect".  I'd say that the act of not allowing a couple to become a part of your group based on the amount of melanin one of them carries around is pretty much textbook racism.

The "I'm not a racist, but I wouldn't want my daughter to date an X" comment is probably one of the few types of overt racism I still hear.  To be honest, people who make that kind of comment find themselves out of my life and that of my family pretty quickly. 

I'm an overly protective father, to both my boys and my girls.  But I will find much better reasons to challenge those who want to date and/or marry my children than their skin color.  I'm going to judge potential boyfriends and girlfriends based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  If a young man treats my daughter well, doesn't act like trash, and holds down a good job, it won't matter to me where his ancestors came from. 

Now, if you have a problem with other races, or maybe an interracial couple makes you feel all squishy inside, I'm not going to waste my breath trying to convince you that you're wrong.  I'll do that by setting a good example.  But this church needs to remember this:  Christ didn't come to save just the people who fit the mold.  His church and the salvation He offers is for everyone.  I'm not the most observant Christian around, but I'm pretty sure that excluding someone because you don't approve of the person they love flies in the face of that offer.

I hope this church comes to its senses, is honest with itself about what a bad thing it is that they are doing, and reverses this decision.   The Lord's table is no place for telling your brothers and sisters that they are not welcome.


Old NFO said...

He's racist... Regardless of what he claims...

Kinda reminds me of a church down in Louisiana years ago, if you didn't go to THAT church, you were going to hell, but they weren't accepting new members (go figure)...

Auntie J said...


My girls are tri-racial (although, the US gummint doesn't think so anymore). They're white, Hispanic, and black.

I have been immensely relieved, given their caramel complexions, that the people in our church and our area have been so kind to them. Anti-Hispanic feelings run deep around here.

Just as you shouldn't be so open-minded that your brains fall out, you shouldn't be so closed-minded that your brains get dusty.

These folks need a Swiffer.

Suz said...

Well said.

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