Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blogs Roundup

I'm going to take a page from BRM's playbook, and point out some things I've seen on the blogs that I thought y'all might like.

  • Over at RaindogBlue, h points out a good practice his leadership had when monitoring the recent OWS encampments.
  • Over at Tractor Tracks, Farmgirl reports that the Farm Family has lost someone special.  Go on over and show some love to a family that's adopted a lot of people into their clan.
  • Over at My Daily Kona, Mr. G's has a good collection of some great bumper-sticker wisdom.
  • LabRat has some weapons grade cute going on over at her place, with a report on her young horse/dog/bear hybrid.
  • At American Thinker, Fay Voshell shares a beautiful moment in her families life with us.
  • Miguel reports that the cases on Magtech ammunition might be serialized.  I have some Magtech in the basement.  I'll have to check that out next time I go to the range.
  • Linoge is holding a fundraiser for one of my preferred charities, and has some good fanfic up as well.  

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