Friday, August 5, 2011

Tonka Tough

A group of soldiers in Afghanistan was saved  from harm recently when the remote control truck they were sending ahead of their patrol to check for bombs set off 500 pounds of explosives in an IED.  The truck had been in use since 2007, when another soldier received it in a care package from home.

It is amazing how when a need is not fulfilled by the military, soldiers will figure out a way to get it done themselves.  I've seen soldiers use silly string and spray foam cleaners to find trip wires, or spend their own money to buy ratchets to replace the purpose built wrenches they are issued for their vehicles. I knew a soldier who had his mother knit gloves for him when the largest issue glove liners were so small on his hands they cut off circulation.  And almost every platoon I ever served with in field units had someone who went to the field with a Coleman stove, a couple cheap pots, and a spice rack so that a hot meal could be fixed every so often when MRE's were the main part of our diet for weeks on end.

I'm thankful that these soldiers are safe for another day, and that the only casualty in this case was a 5 year old RC truck.  I have faith that the inability of the American soldier to accept "no you can't" will continue to save lives.

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