Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thoughts on the Day

  • There is a certain amount of satisfaction in finishing a project that you've let sit undone for a long time.
  • Children seem to have an instinctual ability to become cute just as their parents are about to lose their cool.
  • It saddens me to realize that the young lady I took for a babysitter or older sister at the playground turns out to be the very young mother of the cute little kindergartener who was taking turns on the slide with Boo.
  • When given the option between watching a movie or taking a nap after lunch, take the nap.
  • Taking the family out to get dinner at a drive-in restaurant on a warm August night is a very nice way to cap the day.
  • My little girl turns 13 tomorrow.  She's noticing boys, but doesn't seem to notice when they notice her.  I'm in big trouble when that little circumstance changes.
  • When your youngest son climbs you like a tree and the doctor on the other end of the phone with your wife asks if everything is OK, then maybe you cried out in pain a little too loud.
  • There are few better ways to end a Saturday than by drinking a huge glass of Southern Comfort and Coke while watching the Muppet Show.


Borepatch said...

I'm in big trouble when that little circumstance changes.

Maybe not.


mdev said...

Well sounds like a mighty good day as to your girl turning 13 all I can say is trust the fact that you have given her the tools to be smart enough not to end up like the young mom you saw today.

Secondly I once dated a girl who was from a family with a single dad 5 girls and 1 boy he made it very clear that if I screwed up he would not be the one chasing me. He also made it clear that all of his girls stuck together and I didn't want to face that ever lol. Oddly enough once he found out I was a shooter his opinion of me improved and he just continued to mock me because I once said that I owned a gun in .357sig. Needless to say he was a 45acp man

Side note all the girls were shooters too and got their choice of 1911's when the turned 21

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