Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sounds good to me

Zercool has a good post up about how a chief of police was asked to find other employment after trying to get an ordinance passed to restrict open carry and visibly transporting guns in vehicles.  There aren't any details, and a quick google search has so much noise about police chiefs resigning or being fired that I can't find any corroborating evidence.

Even if the story isn't exactly as Z's source relates it, all I can say is that this sounds like a good start.

Law enforcement's job is to enforce the laws, not to come up with new crimes and ways to infringe on our rights.

Whether it's a police department going after a journalist that gives them bad press, or follows a civil rights activist around in order to find an excuse to ticket or arrest them, or a hoplophobe "only one" with a badge that wants to make it harder for someone to carry, transport, and use their guns, they need to be reminded exactly what their role is and shown the door if they don't change their ways.

As gun rights are exercised more and more in this country, more gun owners are going to become part of the political process, and some of us are going to end up on city councils, statehouses, Congress, and God willing, the White House.  Hopefully as their political leaders become more friendly towards citizens exercising their rights, law enforcement will either become more respectful of our rights or get another job.   To quote Lawdog, Burger King is hiring.

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MrG's said...

A lot of police chiefs are not rank and file coppers, but political animals that get their job by agreeing or supporting an agenda that the mayor wants, usually gun control. You notice that this usually comes from urban areas with a democrat political machine in place.

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