Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breakfast This Morning

This morning Irish Woman left me and Boo to our own devices while she ran to do a few things, so I thought I'd make a "Dad" breakfast.  This is a recipe that I make when we're camping.  It uses up leftovers from cookouts and camp dinners quite well, if I do say so myself.


2 links of sausage (bratwurst, smoked, italian, chorizo, whatever.  I used two of the venison smoked sausages from last night's cookout)
1 cup roasted potatoes and onions, also from the cookout
Spices to taste
3 eggs
Your favorite shredded cheese.

Melt a small amount of bacon grease in the bottom of a cast iron pan, using just enough to wet the bottom of the pan.  Cut the sausages into 1/4" coins and add to the hot pan.  Turn several times until all surfaces are browned.  Add potatoes and onion, and allow to brown on both sides and heat through to the middle.  Add spices to your own taste.  Crack eggs into a bowl and beat for scrambling.  Pour over potatoes and meat, and stir gently until the eggs are cooked through.  Put on plates, sprinkle with cheese, and serve.  I douse mine with a bit of hot sauce, but just enough to add some heat, not so much the flavors are overwhelmed.

Since everything but the egg is already cooked, all I'm doing is heating the sausage and potatoes through and browning them, so this only takes about 10 minutes from refrigerator to plate.  I served it this morning with sliced apples and cold milk for boo and a nice glass of iced tea for me.

Got leftovers?

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