Tuesday, August 30, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Bad Timing" Department - UAW-represented Ford employees are voting on whether to authorize a strike as part of their 'negotiations' with Ford on their new contract.  The UAW wants to get back at least some of the pay and benefits that were conceeded to the company during the last recession, and they want the threat of a labor walkout as a tool at the bargaining table.  Someone needs to show the 'leadership' of the UAW a trending chart on the U.S. economy and ask them if they really want to start taking money out of Ford's pocket right now.  Better a job where you think you might be getting hosed than no job at all, guys.
  • From the "Going to Hell on a Scholarship" Department - Thieves have broken into a Catholic church in California several times, stealing security cameras, and a large amount of copper wire.  Someone needs to tell these guys that copper is an excellent conductor of lightning. 
  • From the "Soon to be an Un-Person" Department - A video of a Chinese general discussing espionage cases that were covered up and called such things as "corruption" has surfaced on YouTube.  In other news, there is an open slot for promotion to general in the Chinese military after the former holder of the rank had a 9mm aneurism.
  • From the "Nothing for me Today, Thanks" Department - A man in Pennsylvania has been arrested for a second time for stuffing a rack of ribs down his pants.  Dude, I told you to put the meat in the crock pot, not the.... aw, never mind.
  • From the "Dead Man Walking" Department - A man in Australia accidentally threw away his wife's jewelry when he hid it in trash bags to keep it from being stolen.  Irish Woman isn't really a jewelry kind of girl, but she does like things that twinkle a bit.  That being said, if I were to ever throw away $50k worth of gold, she'd cut my heart out with a spoon.

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45er said...

Made me giggle. I will say that if you have 50K in gold, you might want to sell a little and get a safe or bank deposit box. Just saying.

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