Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Head meet desk

Dear Mrs. Bachmann,

Yesterday, you put your foot so deep into your mouth that you almost turned inside out. This wasn't the first time that you tried to appear folksy and ended up looking like an idiot.  Next time you feel a need to connect with a crowd on a personal level, please don't.

I like some of your politics, and I'm willing to listen to your ideas on the economy, the government, and foreign policy.  I truly don't care if you're a woman of the people, and I believe that those who come out to hear you don't either. 

Quit giving those who want to not only tear you down but also bring other conservatives down with you somewhere to latch on and pull.  Get your message across, answer questions honestly when asked, and shut the heck up.

By the way, when are you coming to Kentucky? 

1 comment:

Steelghost said...

She was in my city Tuesday, and none of the pundits at work said a thing? I think that says more about her ability to get heard than anything the talking heads on TV say.

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