Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Overheard in the office

Boss:  What happened?
DaddyBear:  We had SSH sessions open to two servers, and we put the 'reboot' command into the wrong window.  Box was down about 5 minutes, but it doesn't look like it had any impact to the customers.
Co-Worker:  It was me, I put in the reboot command.
Boss:  Well, I've been waiting for this for a long time.... Give me your badges.  You're out of here.

Shocked silence

Boss: Gotcha!

That is not funny!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Boss would think it was funny if the suits from upstairs did the same to him?

DaddyBear said...

He's a good guy, just has the same sense of humor as I do. He got lucky and caught me with shields down this morning.

Borepatch said...


Dickhead much?

(sorry for the language, but in this economy there are some things you just don't do)

DaddyBear said...

Really guys, it wasn't like that. He just had us going for a moment.

Julie said...

lol ... glad you took it in good spirit ...

BUT the thing to do is now to put in a request for stress leave ...

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