Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Merely a coincidence

That is how the White House has described President Obama's request to address a joint session of Congress at the exact time that the Republican presidential candidates have scheduled their next debate.

Here's the money quote:
But Carney downplayed the debate as one of many on the political calendar. He said the White House would "carry forward" with its planned speech regardless of "whatever the competing opportunities on television are, whether it's the wildlife channel or the cooking channel." 
Emphasis mine.

Gee, I guess the debate between the men and woman who will be facing off against the President next year is comparable to Meercat Manor and The Naked Chef.   Way to show respect for your political rivals and act with a new sense of civility, President HopeNChange.

The White House should cowboy up and admit that this is a political move, and quit playing the "Who me?" card.  President Obama is trying to steal the thunder away from the Republicans, and I hope they call his bluff.  I agree that they ought to delay their debate until later that evening, spend the extra time loading up their snark cannons with rock salt and grapeshot, and then give him both barrels.  I won't be looking for a Republican frontrunner that night as much as I will be looking for the one who can count coup against the current resident of government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This is a dick move from a White House that has made dick moves part of long-range planning.  All administrations are political, but I haven't seen anything like this bunch of bozos in my lifetime.  I sincerely hope he comes off looking like an ass and learns from it.

*Yeah, I'm a little fired up.  I expect some political douchebaggery from both sides, but this crosses a line with malice and forethought.  I don't think even Nixon was this blatant about his asshattery.

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Phillip said...

I saw this on Fox News in my doctor's waiting room today. All I could think was "Can we please just send some adults up o D.C.?"

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