Friday, August 19, 2011

Losing My Religion

This morning I was in the break room getting something to drink when something hit me.  I haven't had a cup of coffee since the 4th of July weekend.  When I had my surgery, hot liquids of any kind were off the table, and since I've been able to handle pretty much any food or drink I want, I haven't had a hankering for coffee.  No home brew, no Starbucks, nothing.

For me, this is strange.  I've been drinking coffee in one form or another since I was an infant.  I've gone from a raging maniac over coffee a couple of years ago to a casual, social coffee drinker, and now it seems I'm off of it completely.

I still have a soda occasionally, but I've just lost my craving for coffee.

A few months ago, I realized I had totally lost my sweet tooth. The only sweet things I still enjoy are an occasional dish of ice cream and a mug of hot chocolate.  Everything else, including cookies, cakes, candy, and especially chocolate are off my menu for the most part.  Eating a candy bar actually makes my teeth hurt.

And the other day I tried to drink a beer, and realized I really didn't care for the taste anymore.  I've never been a heavy drinker, and so far wine and other drinks are still enjoyable, but my taste for beer is waning. I'll try a few other kinds of beer and see if it's just IPA's I've lost my taste for.

I'm not sure what's happening to me, but I suppose it's for the best.  My addictions to coffee and sugar weren't good for me.  Depending on which study you believe, I was probably drinking too little for my health, but I did enjoy a beer on a hot day.

So far, I still enjoy bacon and bourbon, so there's still hope for me.

But at what point should I consult a medical professional?  When bacon is just salty fat?  I sincererly hope it never gets to that point.

Update - Good Lord!  I just admitted to another gunny that I may buy myself a Glock if I can find one that's priced right, and that the mini-van was a wise choice in cars!  What's happening to me!!!!!!


North said...



I'll buy you a Guinness.

Old NFO said...

You're going to the dark side... Come back to the light!!! :-)

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