Friday, August 5, 2011

Spidertot, spidertot, does whatever a spider can

For dinner last night, we decided to get some stuff at the deli and have a picnic at the new park down the road from us.  Basically it went like this:

  • I show up with groceries and grab a picnic table
  • Irish Woman arrives with Girlie Bear and Boo in tow
  • I start making up a plate for Boo
  • Irish Woman takes Boo to the restroom to change into his bathing suit
  • Boo eats half a piece of cheese and runs off to play in the splash park
  • We start eating our meal
  • Boo returns, finishes the cheese, and eats some chicken, then heads back to play in the fountain
  • We continue our meal
  • Boo comes back, finishes off his grapes, and heads out to spray other kids with one of the built-in water guns
  • We finish our dinners, and start cleaning up
  • Boo makes one more trip to the picnic table to finish his chicken and strawberries, then heads over to the playground
  • I eventually retrieve Boo, and carry him kicking and screaming over my shoulder to the car and head home.

Hey, at least he wore himself out.  He went to bed tonight with no protest at all.

These pics were taken as Boo scaled the new jungle gym.  It's basically a spiderweb configuration of 1 inch rope.  He made it all the way to the top this time.

Getting Started
Halfway There

Look at me Dad!  Hey Dad! Look!
There would have been a fourth picture, but I dropped my phone in a mad rush to catch him when his feet slipped and he was hanging 7 feet off the ground.  His mother gave me a rather harsh look as I lifted him down.  I guess she wasn't happy about him getting so high up, but he's going to have to learn that gravity works somehow.


Ruth said...

next time put his feet back on the rope and guide him down, if he's big enough to climb up then he needs to figure out how to climb down, even when his feet slip.

My mother's advice given to another parent in my presence in a similer situation, as I have no kids and thus shouldn't be handing out advice on any of it. She was of the opinion that lifting them down after such a scare (assuming no injuries involved) just made the scare worse. Personally I'd have probly reacted the same way you did, but considering how I turned out my mother probly has a point.

I gotta say it looks like he had fun, be expecting the request for a rope ladder to be built in the back yard.....

DaddyBear said...

That's a good thought. I was in reflex mode when I grabbed him, partially because I was afraid he'd fall, and partially because I could hear Irish Woman coming for my soul if he got hurt.

Ruth said...

Yah, Like I said, I expect I'd have been grabbing for the kid myself, I don't know how my mom did it.

But I learned really quick that if I was going to climb UP (which I did alot of being a tomboy), then I'd better have a plan to get myself DOWN cause the only way my mom would help (or let my dad help) was if I broke something, and skin didn't count. On the other hand I have NO fear of heights (unlike some of my friends), and a great deal of respect for the edge and what it takes to get down from it (unlike alot of today's kids), so I guess she had a point.

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