Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Open Letter

Dear NFL Players,

Look, you're not soldiers, and I don't expect you to stand at attention and render a hand salute when the national anthem is being played.  If you want to put your hand over your heart, or sing along, or just stand respectfully for a few minutes while the nice lady sings, that's just great.

But do us all a favor:  While someone's singing the Star Spangled Banner, please lay off with the head shaking, shrugging, rolling of the eyes, and mugging for the camera.  It's just trashy, and I expect better of men who are being paid small/large fortunes to play a child's game.  If your mama didn't raise you right and you don't know how to show a little respect, I am always available for a little remedial training.

Thank you,

Daddy J. Bear
Devoted Football Fan


Old NFO said...

Meh... damn NFL can make all kinds of 'rules' you'd think they could at least make one respecting the flag and the anthem...

Laura said...

I think this post makes me like the Ravens even least they honor it. I think Ray Lewis was crying during the anthem.

DaddyBear said...

Laura, Ray Lewis was the reason I wrote the post. He was singing along and seemed pretty emotional. This stood in stark contrast so several members of both teams who either looked bored or disgusted.

NFO, not sure if I want to see someone forced to show respect that they don't feel, but they should at least try to not be disrespectful.

Laura said...

Hmm...I was in and out of the room during that part of the broadcast, so I probably missed the rest. Ray, though? Yeah. Emotional, that one.

Also: I'm tickled McBride paused the song so the Baltimore fans could do their thing. We own that "OH" in the middle of the anthem, thankyouverymuch. :)

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