Monday, October 31, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Barbarians at the Gate" Department - Security researchers have discovered a new trojan program for MacOS titled "Tsunami".  Apparently, the malware is a recompiled program adapted from an earlier Linux Trojan.  Those of us who use Macs have a reputation for not getting malware.  Time to prove it.  Be careful where you surf, don't click on things you can't identify, and for heaven's sake, wear a computer condom when surfing adult content.  
  • From the "Shocked Face" Department - Another company that got funding for energy research from the Obama administration has filed for bankruptcy.  Now, our energy secretary is supposed to be a smart guy.  Don't you think he'd have taken a look at how these companies were going to use the money and made good decisions as to whether their technology was more than vaporware?  Then again, maybe the idea was to give gobs of money to everyone, and hope that someone invents the next big thing.  Kind of like a drunk who spends the rent money on lottery tickets.  If he buys enough of them, one of them has to win big!  It's foolproof!
  • From the "This'll Fix It!" Department - The president, after making the seas flow back and feeding the hungry, has decreed that the FDA is to henceforth 'fix' the problem with shortages of drugs.  Apparently telling the agency to make those mean pharmaceutical companies pump out the medicines quicker is the fix to the problems with the current five-year plan.  Lord knows, the pill corporations are just sitting on mountains of finished product and ingredients, and can just add in a 3rd shift at the plant to keep the pipelines full.  And of course they won't mind losing money on making medicine that the government is about to make them almost give away.  
  • From the "Spitting on a Fish" Department - Authorities in Arizona announced that they broke up a drug smuggling ring that was centered around the area between Phoenix and the Mexican border.  This ring works for the gang that "is believed to be responsible for 65 percent of all drugs illegally smuggled into the U.S.".  Show of hands, people:  How many people have heard about big busts that were supposed to absolutely disrupt the flow of illegal drugs into the country at least once a year since about 1978?  
  • From the "Good Start" Department - UNESCO has given the Palestinians a seat at their table, prompting the U.S. delegation to cut off funding for that agency.  I'd say we need to follow that line of reasoning, cut off all funding to the Manhattan Invitational Debate Club, invite the collected potentates, dictators, and kleptocrats to move to Switzerland or wherever their planes run out of fuel, and then sublet that big building in Manhattan towards something more productive, like hog farming.  Another show of hands, people:  How many people here can tell me one thing that we've ever gotten out of our involvement with the U.N. that we couldn't have gotten without them at half the price?  Anyone?

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Old NFO said...

Me, Me... We got a 10 ton bust of coke in 83, supposedly the largest up to that point... er... nevermind... :-)

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