Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Shoutouts

  • To the mother of two young boys on Saturday - Ma'am, thank you for raising your kids right.  When you spotted the funeral procession with a Marine Corps seal on the door of the hearse drive by, and you learned from me that that meant there was a Marine being buried today, you smacked your kids upside the head and told them to show some respect.  You are better than 99% of the parents I know.
  • To the parents of the other children at McDonalds - I sincerely hope your children choose to not procreate.  It should say something that I climbed up into the habitrail to get Boo out after only a few minutes rather than sit and listen to your kids scream.  Plus, I didn't want to be there to administer first aid when one of them finally figured out why they're not supposed to climb on the outside of the habitrail.
  • To the police officer at the on-ramp this afternoon - Sir, thank you for stopping your cruiser and directing traffic at the broken stop-light.  I especially thank you for doing it after three of your co-workers used their flashing lights to get through the intersection and speed on to wherever they were headed.
  • To Burger Joint Franchise #2141111 - Thank you for being open late on a Sunday evening.  I thought I had some noodles and such in my desk, but I was mistaken.  Being able to get a snack before driving home from work was nice.

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