Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Topico Overexposo

Attention Media!

I have heard enough about the following subjects and wish to never be bothered by them again, unless you are told otherwise:

  • The travails of an attractive young celebrity, either male or female, who is self-destructing due to his or her own stupidity or lack of maturity and will-power.
  • The marriage and mating habits of foreign potentates
  • The latest mobile phone that includes more computing power than the combined might of every spacecraft ever launched from Cape Canaveral and Baikonur 
  • The latest re-hashing of a crappy movie or concept from the past by Hollywood
  • The 'drama' of the latest attempt at reality TV soma foisted on our Republic by network executives
  • The latest political ramblings by 'entertainers'

There will be more as time goes on, so check back occasionally to find the latest list of stuff to filter out.

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