Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trouble in Perpetual Motion

An unnamed contributor over at Skippy's List describes how an industrious dolt is always more dangerous than a lazy genius:
No more than maybe fifteen minutes go by and I hear my team leader screaming again, “what the f*** are you doing?!” There sits a very confused soldier getting his ass handed to him again. Somehow in the last fifteen minutes he had forgotten that the user name and password were labeled on the keyboard in front of his face, and got frustrated that his network log in wasn’t working. To remedy this he decided the issue was that there was no Ethernet cable plugged in so he found one and tried to plug it in, but then he noticed an obstruction in the port so he whipped out his trusty Gerber and removed it. He then commenced to try and log into the network with an unauthorized computer…our Ethernet switch was just down and we had to move offices.
(Edited for language.)

I hope that the soldier in question was put on human waste destruction detail for a while.

Reminds me of my first job in military IT.  I was tasked with crawling under the floors of our facilities to find unauthorized modems and telephone cables.  Seems that someone had been caught connecting a modem and unsecure telephone line to his classified work computer so that he could work on his classified reports at home, so we had to do a phyisical audit of all of our buildings to make sure no-one else had done it.  Nothing like the deep-lung irritation of 30 year old dust under 18 to 24 inch high suspended floors to make that morning PT run a real picnic.  At least the only critters I found were old snake skins.  Big ones.  Like make me jump up through the floor tiles whether there's a hole there or not big.  Ahhh, memories.

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Old NFO said...

LOL- Did that down in Australia looking for a cable to plug in, and the cable MOVED... Trust me, "I" moved a LOT faster than it did... Turned out to be one of THREE carpet pythons living in the subfloor and eating rats.

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